Sweet Christmas!

Taking a bit of time off to revise the site along with recuperating from an insane publishing schedule….

In the meantime…get yourself or someone you love or are bitter enemies with one or all of these Dumpster Fire Press titles:

THE GRIND a collaborative poetry text by myself, Wolfman, Roz Washington and Push Cart Nominee Robert Ragan with art by James Maj…

The novelette HONEYDEW:THE CORRECTED TEXT by R. Keith…

the much anticipated poetry collection from John Doyle LEAVING HENDERSON COUNTY

and who doesn’t like biting social satire from Editor in Chief of Alien Buddha Press? THE ENTIRE BLOODY SAGA: RED FOCKS THE COLLECTED WORKS…

So glad you could join us and hopefully we’ll have something cool for you up before 2021.

Take it easy guys during the holy, holy daze of what is called by the market “the holidays.”

It started off with ONE HELL OF A MUSE and ended as one hell of a year

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