Prepping manuscripts to start filling in the 2021 year…

Don’t jump the fucking gun, I’m not accepting manuscript submissions on an official basis yet unless we’ve personally corresponded but I am about to embark on something soon that I hope will have you picturing slitting my wrists as I type away at my computer.

So, I’m pleased to announce to distract myself from the tearing away of my flesh the official arrival of VOICES FROM THE FIRE.

Part of DFP’s mission is to give voices to the voiceless, those on the margins of society, those who never had a chance to speak, yada-yada-yada, how many times is this written on the site.

Let’s get down to it Voices of the Fire is going to feature those voices…

ONE POET A WEEK (starting)



We will started accepting submissions on Janaury 3rd 2021

Expect a preview of what’s to come shortly.

I will hate all of you as I continue my regular one to two title release schedule along with other fun projects in conjunction with trying to write and release my own work but it will be worth it as I will be proud to release your work and admire you exposing the essence of your being and projecting your awareness of how fucked up and beautiful the world can be…


Times New Roman, 12pt. 1.5 Spacing at the most

Poetry 1-4 preferably 1 per page.

Flash Fiction

Short Stories nothing more than 20 pages

Artists, fuck man…I’m new at this send whatever just no dead rodents stapled to cardboard sent to my house.


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