VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Jared & Amanda Morningstar

The War on Christmas? (J. Morningstar)

You mean like the war

that poorly-educated rednecks,

with arsenals in their coat closets,

think they can wage to overthrow

their star-spangled government

that has a defense department

gifted with nearly

a trillion dollars a year

by the same politicians that

they, themselves, were responsible

for electing to office?

Someone better tell these

wannabe HollyJollySantaJesus Destroyers

before they go up against

the strange bedfellows that are


and the mom-and-pop shops

illuminated like the Griswold House

in every downtown in America

that they don’t stand a chance.

It’ll be over before

it even gets started.

Which, of course, it hasn’t.

And it never will.

An Ember’s Lullaby (Amanda Morningstar)

Orange and yellow shimmer back

in the lake; it could be beautiful

from a different angle.

Every night, she had the dream;

every night, her world was burning.

And then she was at school again,

Confusion’s delusions.

And then she was in class again,

at her desk again,

was she in that dress again?

Remembering premonitions

as her world burns down around her.

It didn’t feel like she had been sleeping:

“I had the dream again.”

“But you’re wearing the dress.”

The hallway is full of echoes

as they all scream into the void.

She slams her locker shut

and the voices disappear.

She stares:

Alarm. Warning. Danger.

A call to action. A call to run away.

She waits in the office;

she waits for them to tell her it is all a dream.

“You can’t go home.”

They all refuse to say the words

as the world burns down around her.

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