Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present its February 2021 release…

PLAY DUMB by R. Keith

cover art by Dillinger

R. Keith’s collection of short fiction PLAY DUMB from Dumpster Fire Press, follows the lives the of the down trodden, the seedy and those just plainly confused about what to do confined in a restrictive box of living. A wonderful companion to HONEYDEW: THE CORRECTED TEXT, sprinkled with elements of Dickens, sitcom scenarios and hardboiled crime…sort of.

There’s a unique cast of characters in this Canadian working class pulp fiction collection in which some people may or may not be connected, sometimes its hard to tell, it could be coincidence or various incidents coinciding…

Set the in the same realm of HONEY DEW there will be confusion, horror, and mundane drama in bizarre fashion topped with some times a surreal sense of violence. Hell, if you liked visiting the Sugar Bowl from before, it’s worth reading to know what lies behind that comfortable yet grimy setting you oh-so wanted to chow down in and slurp coffee at.

PLAY DUMB is the type of prose title in terms of fictional anthologies DFP is trying to get out there and with author’s like R. Keith, I like to believe we’re getting there….sort of.

It’s an honor to work alongside R. Keith and to bring this collection to life and also showcase the visual talents of DFP cover artist Dillinger giving us all something not only eye-catching but fitting and unique, it’s the Twilight Zone of nothing as it seems enticing one into the land of the mundane in a hardboiled bizarro wonderland.

also by R. Keith HONEY DEW: THE CORRECTED TEXT (obviously)

and before we go a bit about the author…

R. Keith is the author of more than twenty volumes of poetry, fiction, including the novelette Honeydew and vispo. His visual works have been exhibited in galleries in Canada, Malta and Russia.

Stay surreal, kids DFP might have something crawling from the fiery dumpster or not…however DEATH BY PUNK is coming along with a slew of titles to hopefully knock your socks off in April for Poetry month but let’s not worry about that…

Has anyone noticed how socially awkward I am, even on the internet behind a computer?

Published by Mike Zone

Mike Zone is the former Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press and managing editor of Concrete Mist Press. The author of Screaming in the End: Poems and Stories, Fuck You: A Fucking Poetry Chap, Shedding Dark Places (almost), One Hell of a Muse , as well as coauthor of The Grind and Razorville. A frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl. His work has been featured in: A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Black Shamrock Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, Better Than Starbucks, Piker Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, and Cult Culture magazine.

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