That’s right…DEATH BY PUNK is heading your way in April the cruelest month, just in time for Dumpster Fire Press’ colossal series of events to coincide with Poetry month…even the anthology is more than just poetry…

So send you punk, DIY, counter culture and/or death themed work to


if you feel so inclined to be part of this milestone for DFP, it being the first anthology…

also get a chance to overshadow editor in chief Mike Zone’s own subpar writing as an added bonus…

March 1st is the Deadline

You can also still submit the ongoing VOICES FROM THE FIRE rolling e-zine/blog, no theme required and if accepted wind up in an actual tangible anthology that may or maybe consist of two volumes a year…things are rapidly shifting in this small press world.

Oh and in April because I don’t have enough going on, I’ll be announcing a new anthology with another fantastic theme…

what could it be?

Stay surreal, see ya’ next week for the next installment of VOICES…

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