Go gullibly after the symbol

Why are you

so proud

of the flag of your homeland? 

A flag that was not born

at its beginning if I am accurate

It preceded your birth


from 1897

and until your arrival

It seems to me that you are not the son

of the roots of Zionism

rooted in

ancient motives and values

inherent in religious tradition

and in the national ideologies that blossomed in Europe in the 19th century

And yet you have not

acquired at all your national property

a light


prayer shawl that corresponds with purity and heavenliness,

due to the color of heaven, and according to the belief as a parable of the resting place of your God

and my angels.

And because you don’t have

a prayer shawl at all, for that matter.


you must become wise in symbols

before rushing to define your religious


even this you didn’t know!

Aside from wearing a Star of David pendant

the width of

your entire hairy


I have not seen anything of the patriotism

that should be noted

for raising the two

equilateral triangles

with the structure of six triangles connected to the sides of the equilateral hexagon

that have been defined as a symbol that some believe

was engraved by

the defenders of King David’s warriors

The philosopher

from the 12th century BC

Yehuda ben Eliyahu Hadassi

in his book “Eshkol Hakofer,”

in chapter 42, denounces the actions of the people who turned the Star of David symbol into a ritual

like you.

However, I believe

that there is often a direct connection between

religious adherence and ritual, and thus in most cases the ritual expresses admiration for deity

but, it is possible to identify who has this devotion. 

But you?

What do you know about deity? and religious devotion? 

With great difficulty

your attempt

to express as a kosher Jew

has succeeded

When you serial rape

underage girls

with a Star of David pendant

around your neck,

you do it!

Published by Mike Zone

Mike Zone is the former Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press and managing editor of Concrete Mist Press. The author of Screaming in the End: Poems and Stories, Fuck You: A Fucking Poetry Chap, Shedding Dark Places (almost), One Hell of a Muse , as well as coauthor of The Grind and Razorville. A frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl. His work has been featured in: A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Black Shamrock Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, Better Than Starbucks, Piker Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, and Cult Culture magazine.

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