An attractive embodiment of a Cream flavor

lets stream down these streets of Arizona flowing infatuation with merely the eye contact as whisk by the palm trees…

I suggest playful moments for the time we’ve allotted for each other

sinking grains of crystal situation emerging as rare elements forged in this desert that contains an oasis…

a slowdown of everything when engaged in vocals of compiled syllables we just turned a corner

she liked the momentum in how she placed herself to hold me secure in a safe place

not about to deny that affectionate energy

I just take it in

the Moon is rising

the Hourglass has flipped

now we’ve arrived to a different timespan

carnal desires reign our minds

a glide of her fingertips upon my epidermis

the driving has changed

drifted I must say…

give me the spent time with your mind and I’ll give mine

-Benny Butters

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