April Cruelty equals May Mayhem

After 13 days of Hell, Dumpster Fire Press is proud to release the second volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE…

3 different versions to be exact featuring cover art by that loveable aesthetic rascal Dillinger…

Another milestone in which DFP celebrated National Poetry Month not only releasing five titles but featuring a 4 different poets and an artist each week throughout the month of April because…well, April was cruel…so was Amazon in the actual release of the book but no worries we’ll be doing this again after learning some fascinating lessons…

So if you missed out on Poetry Month, hate poetry but want to try an attempt at poetry or utterly adore it there are a multitude of options to enjoy your fix for pivotal poetry and clever art…or something…leave me alone I’m tired…I work 10 hour days in a pot lab pretending I can write as I attempt feigning success at running a small press.

First off… the full on glory of VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOLUME 2

Available as an E-Book as well and trade paperback

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: BLACK & WHITE volume 2…the less expensive alternative…

Also these links are a bit fucked up, thank you multibillion dollar corporation but don’t worry everyone you can easily find these books…

Just follow that link above…now I’m going to pass out and mull over another anthology as I am a glutton for punishment.

Also a new poem inspired by April cruelty leading into May Mayhem…

Anal Corporate Babies(contribution by Robert Ragan)

You have to sort your load on camera

don’t tell customers we’re in a pandemic

you can’t call it harassment if the weird old man gropes you

that guy with the gun tucked in his pants is just as scared as any unarmed employee

never mind he doesn’t have a holster

don’t worry about him

worry about yourself

we need documentation that you work here, even though we know you already do

the burden of proof is on you

we need documentation you own your website

there was a perusal the work is in public domain for free

do you have permission to publish it?

It is my site, my company,

But does everyone else know? Did they provide you official documentation?

Your contracts don’t count

Your incident report of on the job injury doesn’t comply

We know you worked those hours on the clock

But you weren’t technically scheduled

Stop calling it “harassment and abuse” just because someone was having a bad day and wanted to fight you in the parking lot

Don’t call it a fascist coup

Don’t call it anything

You should’ve said “have a nice day”

Even though he walked toward you threateningly and flicked a cigarette at you

He swore and threatened but you shouldn’t have walked toward him and threatened him back

Before you quit

Fill out these forms

They need to be done

Corporate needs these

Yet they still have a third party send out official exit surveys


A guy at amazon gets an email from his boss two doors down who got an email from district who got an urgent memo from regional who got a dead to rights message from corporate by some guy yelling with his pants down thumping his chest in the board room

the grunt running from drones races down an aisle with a black magic marker

he’s got to cross out all the offensive parts in the book you just ordered

fuck that guy

Stay surreal…

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