Another Realm

The roses erupt  

and the clouds 

burn above 

and below. 

Seeking refuge 

from an ominous 

gray mist attempting 

to strangle thought. 

Two hours in the 

tavern cannot 

diffuse the terror. 

Too many blood- 

red eyes reflecting 

all sad truths. 

Some clarity claws 

through the cobwebs 

saying that someone 

spoke of a ‘center’ 

to all this. 

In another realm may haps. 

Cannot be found among 

the old brick and 

antiquated philosophies 

now littering the gold 

paven road. 

A choir of dead angels 

beckons toward an 

unfamiliar ground 

where Saints go to die. 

Blow Horns

I awoke 3 hours 

into 2012. 

Supposedly only 

356 days left 

in all existence. 

What did my old 

rock & roll buddy 

ask rhetorically…?  

“oh moma, can this  

really be the end..?” 

Well…is it?! 

I like to think he  

doesn’t know any 

more than I do. 

Than do the 






Damus or any other 

Person or conclave  

Putting quill to  

Parchment back in  

the day. 

It comforts me for 

the moment. 

Maybe between all 

the prognostications 

we can figure it out. 

The Grand Alignment— 

Pole Reversal— 

Plate Shifting. 

Will we survive to 

blow horns in  

celebration of next year? 

Stay tuned. 

Farewells before Solace

As conspicuous as the  

thorn between two roses, 

I find solace in the 

oppressive darkness. 

It is my appointed time. 

Finding comfort beneath 

the wings of a bird of prey, 

I am whisked off into the 

fierce, American nighttime. 

Those who watch are not 

hidden behind the futile 

security of their suburban 

shutters, but only made more 

obvious by vultureous leering. 

I will seek solace wherever 

I am carried, however foreign 

or far from the familiar. 

Goodbye– to all those who 

would greet me with false 

salutation, or damn me with 

faint praise. 

Goodbye—to the untrustworthy  

and betrayers, whom lie to their 

own ends. 

Goodbye—to for whom the end 

justifies the means, and those who 

cannot meet your glance. 

Goodbye to those who don’t 

understand…and never will. 

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