It’s nearly summer damn it and you know what that calls for?

A new summer anthology from Dumpster Fire Press…

First we presented you with DEATH BY PUNK and writers and artists from all over created some real magic in that grand homage to punk and DIY culture. Almost to the point , I wanted to do that again and maybe somewhere down the line there may be a direct follow up but I highly doubt ’cause I’m not a parrot and don’t like repeating myself…sometimes…depends on how right I am in an argument and how much the person needs to be destroyed…

So…this is supposed to be call for submissions, it’s summer time and we all know that means big budget movies, some being of a horror and science fiction nature and being the spawn of good old fashioned B-Movies akin to ATTACK OF THE KILLER SHREWS, EARTH VS. FLYING SAUCERS or MOTHRA MARRIED THE GIANT SMOG MONSTER….in that tradition Dillinger and I present to you something akin to the B-Movie experience on a low budget playing field in which the big budget non-plotted (seemingly) films we have today known probably as “A” movies are really just inflated “B” movies due to story quality just with a fancier budget.


Art by Dillinger

It’s the OCTOPUS SUMMER everyone…your favorite cephalopod is back will be menacing you this summer in a variety of manners in plethora of sizes. It’s a planet sized invasion of interdimensional being on a planetary B-Movie horrifying scale no reader has ever experienced but by the hands of writers, poets and artists like yourselves willing to stave, experience, combat or even just observe the cosmic menace threatening to usurp the beautiful tradition of our lives desperate to return to a sense of normalcy that is the best we can do because damn it, that’s what we’ve all been told…

That and Dillinger came up with a cool series of Octopus picks that needed to be featured in something….that artistic rascal….

So there you have it first call asking for submissions…OCTOPI IN THE SKY the second anthology from Dumpster Fire Press, give us your tributes to intrusive interdimensional octopi and other traditional summer B-Movie fun possibly featuring dissent or harmony.


Now the second call for submissions…


Poetry, prose and all that….looking more for prose and art right now but always accepting poetry. Ideally, I’d love to go back to the original format of one prose writer, one poet and one artist a week. Rather than three poets and an artist but either way I love getting different voices out there so anyone and everyone is just about welcome as a VOICE FROM THE FIRE

So there you have it, a call for submissions because I’m a glutton for punishment…


Times New Roman 12pt font

1.15-1.5 spacing

Up to 4 poems

flash fiction is welcome

nothing more than twenty pages of prose

art of any medium other than dead rodents stapled to a box sent to my house is welcome…

Come jump into the fire, let us burn together.

*All the people who submit to me and tab out your poems in the center, YOU’RE DEAD TO ME FROM NOW ON…it’s not cute, it’s annoying and you’re definitely not being artistic…these submissions will be disregarded from now on, no matter how good you are.

Stay surreal…

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