Romancing the Bone

What? You wanted something more classy?

This is Dumpster Fire Press and even though you should be reading about OCTOPI FROM THE SKY right now…UNFINISHED SKELETONS is what happened to get through first via the limbo of corporate bureaucracy…

but alas here we are and what I can I say…there are skeletons and skeletons have bones and there is an odd sort of romance here but not the erotic and/or love drenched kind of romance…we’re talking more a romantic counter-culture movement and the best way I can explain that is via the cute intro I wrote for Efe Suder’s collection of flash fiction which by the way features art by the author himself and DFP’s very own Dillinger…

cover by Dillinger

I first encountered Efe Tusder through a bat-shit crazy submission for both VOICES OF THE FIRE AND DEATH BY PUNK… not exactly know what or even how I’d be able to utilize his work or even that I should, and that hesitation was a good sign but I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing either.

Later on he did me the honor of presenting this dirty hardboiled gem of collected fiction that will at once unsettle you, blow your mind yet render you feeling somewhat better about yourself…

It’s the epitome of what counterculture should be…you know… a counter to the culture…

60 pages of most bizarre shit you wished or haven’t wished you never wanted to in the first place…from being transfixed at taking the perfect shit, to licking the genital zone of a cyborg all the way to being cannibalized and making friend’s with a tapeworm…Suder demonstrates why a counter-culture movement is needed in the first place and let’s face it, this is the reason I got into publishing in the first place and more the direction we’d all hoped DFP would when the foundation was haphazardly laid.

Ants for lunatics

-Are you ok!

-I am not ok! Do something!

-There is nothing to do. I need a favor.

-You need a feast.

-Feast of the beast.

-You fucking beast!

-Who knows?

-Fuck knows. So. Give me a feast.

-A smell of piss.

-Noise like 1000 ants fucking your ass.

-You piece of shit. You cheated on me with ants!

-Please! Please!

-I was looking forward to this.

-We both know where you are going now.

-No please!

-I just did you a big favor.

-I didn’t do anything!

-Yes ,you did!

-Now last orders at the hell.

-No please. Shit! I want to get out of here!

-At least there is no beast. It is only your feast.

-At least there is no beast. It is only your feast.

Stay surreal kids and enjoy this feast for less than six dollars…

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