Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present the English translation of graphic horror novel sensation VALKIRIA…behold ancient supernatural erotica creatures and their drug addled consumption of the innocent.
Auras inhabiting robot bodies to rescue lost souls. Adam and Eve team up and a flying coffin spaceship!
Everything you ever wanted in this pornographic grindhouse biblical tale of suspense!

I first came across Samir Karimo when he first submitted to VOICES FROM THE FIRE and later DEATH BY PUNK, I was intrigued or rather dazzled by his no holds barred approach to just being out there like a splatter-punk kid beat-boxing storyteller along with his manic amalgamations of genres.

So, when he told me about this horror comic he was collaborating on with artist Miguel Angel Sanchez along with the original editor, layout and designer Felippe Arambarri…needless to say I was in for Miltonian tales jacked up on steroids and fueled by acid dreams

As you should too, harkening back to the old school VERTIGO books of old from DC with a slick manga, jump-cut action flim sprinkled with spastic mythic conceptions and cosmic inquiries VALKIRIA like it’s original creators are right when they say


Stay surreal, it’s October and the planet is on fire…

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