The Duluoz Legend

–the stories

are all good

lonesome traveler.

Suicide by alcohol.

Integrity achieved by

fighting it out with

A sad & brutal


Sure, Jacky boy…

Living life on your

limitless terms

Came and went

in a 47-year-old

gust of tears.

The “jewel center”

you fought so hard

to define…

Ended up as

literary criticism—

Contrary to the endless

notebooks that advised

all to release…

Go, go, go.

No definition or haiku design.

Just beers, a backpack, and a

Buddha prayer…

From a trialed-French Canuck

Roman catholic.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

My college diploma, tightly packed

among used dental floss, celebrated

chapbooks, dried-up pens, and toenail clippings.

An education—

No one can take away

from you.

Hint of Altruism—Not Really


Do you have a place to sleep?

Do you know where your next meal is coming from?

Do you live among the den of want?

Can I talk to you and ask these questions

without a hint of self-consciousness from

you or me?

Not a fucking chance.

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