Yeah, you know the piece of trash who runs this press and website?

As we still wait for Amazon to approve publication of CHILDHOOD’S END the year end anthology from DFP encompassing the TWILIGHT OF THE SUPERHUMANS and WAITING FOR LUCY concepts, I’d like to explain how and most definitely why things are going to change at Dumpster Fire Press in 2022…

The first has been full of plenty of learning curves, I’ve collaborated and worked on a lot of different books with a wide array of individuals and that isn’t stopping for the most part.

However, I’ve sunk a lot of my own money into this and run the press at what is essentially a loss and this is something I do for the love of it. My favorite projects are the thematic anthologies and VOICES FROM THE FIRE. Which I feel both digitally and in print form actually exposes more voices into the this wild and crazy world.

So what does this mean for individual author titles? Well, for one they are the titles I lose out the most on financially and even creatively they do hinder my own work which I need to get out along with ways I’m looking to expand Dumpster Fire Press.

Being an editor, writer, content manager and publisher along with writing my own stuff and doing readings can be quite exhausting.

I’m not looking for pity but I would like understanding and mainly for you to understand that I cannot give you my best work as a publisher if I am burned out or even creatively blockaded as I don’t want to negatively project on anyone. It’s not cool to blame shift.

One of the harshest lessons learned is biting more off than I could chew.

So, DFP will be publishing volumes of VOICES FROM THE FIRE, several seasonal anthologies along with 2-3 specialty projects a year which could be a graphic novel series or collaborative book between more than one creator (fuck yeah, some of this has been planned since last year…sometimes we have our shit together)

Individual titles? I’m feeling five, maybe seven at the most depending on my work schedule to along with this.

It frees up not only my time but Dillinger’s and everyone else that gets involved as we look into further expansion. It may not be 5-7 next year if we expand adequately.

See, I’m looking into live shows at the local level, filming them, doing a podcast and even getting into short film again. The talent is there and a “war-room” is being assembled for possible directions we’re going to go in.

The first year was about mistakes and just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what happens. I overspent myself financially and even energetically, so…

2022…we’re running this press like it’s the last year it will ever exist. Let me tell you VOICES FROM THE FIRE vol. 6 is excellent and volume 7 is getting there as well.

Pretty soon, I’ll be announcing a hiatus for VOICES because hell, I’m tired working for a living, writing and running a press.

It’s time to rejuvenate and come back with clearer mind brandishing a razor sharp intent and purpose.

Hope everyone decides to stick around.

Stay Surreal

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