New Day, New Year, New Release

Dumpster Fire Press kicking 2022 off right with our first release of the year…I KNOW A PLACE

Art by R. Keith

If Camus were Canadian, dabbled more in the visual arts and went really absurd with the philosophy of the absurd as absurdly possible…you’d have R. Keith and he’s back with a stunning collection of vispo…that’s visual poetry for those that don’t know or didn’t even want to know.
Witty, passionate, distant yet all up in your brain…the author of HONEYDEW: THE CORRECTED TEXT and PLAYDUMB combines words with the kind of art we’ve featured by him in DEATH BY PUNK and VOICES FROM THE FIRE.

R. Keith is one of DFP’s consistent contributors in terms of writing art who has been there since beginning and I mean before there was a dumpster fire to inherit in order to start a press in the first place.

Essentially before ground zero…but enough of that pot boiler tale of absurdity…I KNOW A PLACE also serves as a milestone as not only is it the third book from the prolific writer/artist but pretty close to our attempt at an artbook.

Vispo is visual poetry…amalgram of well…do I really have to go on? Collage and the cut-technique meet and have a mutant baby to instigate contemplation and/or possible make you question reality…well at the very least there’s a giggle and a snort involved.

Full color and as always part of DFP’s philosophy is to keep art and lit accessible in a multitude of manners for readers all across the spectrum.

It’s great to be back after our brief hiatus, hope you decide to keep knowing our place and get to R. Keith’s as well.

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