Our first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE for 2022 has been released!

art by Dillinger

Dumpster Fire Press enters 2022 with our latest eclectic volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE assembled from the official VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via featuring: poets, writers, and artists from here, there, and everywhere in-between going to places familiar and a tad uncomfortable, we’re all just grinding our way through the dumpster fire that is life

Check out the past three months entries within the blog for content.

This is what keeps DFP going…VOICES FROM THE FIRE is a core foundation of the Dumpster Fire and we’re always looking for people to contribute and your work is appreciated no matter if you are as novice or pro from the New Yorker.

Within these pages you’ll find voices heard, seldom heard or never heard from before.

The flames of rage, passion and bliss may burn but what truly rises from those ashes?

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