A Sestina for Jarret

Jarret, do you have a large velvet pad I could borrow

Or a gold gift box? 

I need a round velvet bar,

Jarret and an acrylic earring stand.

Do you have a velvet apple ring case

Or a slot bracelet tray?

Jarret, right about now I could use a bangle bracelet tray

And a few round velvet pads if you have some I could borrow.

Do you have a 7 spool case 

and a leather gift box?

I need a 9-bar earring stand

If you have one, or an acrylic round t-bar. 

They say if I don’t get them a round velvet t-bar

And a 12-slot bracelet tray

In 48 hours, I will be in a world of hurt. I need a black acrylic necklace stand

Too and a medium velvet pad to borrow 

If that’s okay with you. Can you put it in a white gift box?

Jarret, do you have a 3-sided revolving tray in an acrylic case?

I need a 3-shelf mirrored locking case

With a small acrylic round t-bar.

Do you have any silver gift boxes?

I need that and a 15-slot bracelet tray

If you have one on you. Do you have a small velvet pad I could borrow

Until I can get that 4-row acrylic earring stand 

I was telling you about? If you have a 6-row acrylic earring stand,

I would be forever in your debt. I know you have an acrylic key ring case

Jarret. Do you have a mirrored necklace bracelet I could borrow?

Jarret, I need a ½ dome t-bar 

And a 72 bracelet tray 

For 72 or so emerald boxes.

I could use a few gold gift boxes.

They say they’re going to cut off my hands if I don’t get them the acrylic earring stand.

Jarret, I need a 20-slot bracelet tray

Or an acrylic 3-sided case 

Or two. Did you get that round rose gold t-bar

I told you I need to borrow? 

Jarret, they told me if I don’t get them that 

Velvet t-bar and a tray of gift boxes, it’s curtains for me.

They want the 4-row case acrylic earring stand and they mean business.

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