Yeah we never thought we’d see Dillinger with such a distinguished title either but as we navigate through whatever the hell we’re doing as it expands into wherever and whatever hell it’s mutating into it became necessary to shift some of the editorial duties over and give Dillinger a distinguished title to make for the last of rewards…but what better way to make this announcement than to hear (rather read) from the man himself…

Tis I. Friendly resident artist and neighborhood Dillinger.

I am now currently the NEW art director for Dumpster Fire Press. What does that mean?

All art submissions are going to fall to me. I will be looking for specific tones and content depending on book. Or series….or what have you. You get it. I’m looking forward to this. Can’t wait to peruse submissions.

I will be a fair and just Art Director. Promise. I’m not a dick, I just play one on t.v. Someday. Hopefully.

If you feel I can help tweak an image to assist. Let me know. If you have something particular for something you’re writing let me know.

Mr.punkydillinger@gmail.com that’s it.

I am super excited about our publishing future together. Every writer/artist is important. You have something to say or share and I want imaging that represents that. Let’s change the world.

-thanks. Dillinger”

We should all thank Dillinger for playing good cop so I can play bad cop…nah

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