Reece Beckett

Feeling Followed.

I see a standing silhouette

In the corner of my room.

I see the bubbling potion

That sits inside my spoon. 

I’ve been feeling followed

Since before I left the womb.

I’ll still be feeling followed

When I’m buried in my tomb.

Cross Your Heart

I live inside a waste-pipe

In a wasteland, this was all planned

From the start. I’ve felt my beating heart

Take its beatings and I 

Remember at first I was scared of the dark

But as I grew up, I grew scared of your heart

And the scars you placed upon mine.

You destroyed my everything

My schemes and my dreams

Displaced by screams and by nightmares.

I look to empty skies

And see dread where others may find peace.

I have no aspirations, I don’t deserve a piece

Of what every other holds. I spilled my guts to you

Told you my truth, showed you all that I could be

You didn’t try to set me free, you built new bars and hid the key. 

I dress myself in stenches, I sit on rotting benches

Wait for acidic rain that drenched this body I’m burdened with.

You can see I’m hurting. You continue with your flirting. Innocence lost and tribulations found.

“Help me, it’s been a minute since I’ve seen a decent count.”

I memorized your time signature, I took notes on your words

You leave me by myself deep in the dark, nursing my hurt. 

I placed a cross upon my heart to try to earn your trust

You placed a cross upon my heart, it bled from your disgust

We placed our pain upon my heart, I took in all discussed

I struggle when in public, as I look on with distrust. 

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