That’s right, National Poetry Month is on the horizon and April is cruel, poet and publishers punishing each other and themselves alike…

First on the agenda…Editor in Chief Mike Zone will be attending St. Augustine PoetFest (brainchild of Chris Bodor)…taking part in a discussion panel regarding Poets and Change (essentially poetry and politics), then there’s the ego-inflated reading followed by a book signing

But that’s not all DFP is doing, we’re proud to announce we will be sponsoring the UNDERGROUNDS SOUND SHOW featuring Wayne Mason at ST. AUGUSTINE’S most popular punk and counterculture venue SHANGIA NOBBY’S where things might get a little wild

But what is the press going to do specifically?

This year we’ve got five releases starting this weekend for each week of April to celebrate National Poetry Month…


ALL THINGS CONSIDERED BY Roz Washington, the follwup to SUNLIFE.

Roz Washington is poet, hip-hop scientist, a culinary wizard, lover, healer and man of many existential universal roles.  The author of Sunlife, a contributor to The Grind, Voices From the Fire, Octopi From the Sky and Bedroom Anatomy Lessons.


art by Dillinger

PSALM OF THE PSYCHE WARD by Ari Whipple…a wonderful and at the same time horrific hybrid of poetry and art.

Ari Whipple is a writer and a poet from Muskegon, Michigan. They have lived in several places over the years including Iowa, Grand Canyon Village, Death Valley, and Seattle. They are 36 years old and have a love of the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan. They struggle with bipolar, which has affected them for the past four years as of this publication. They have two books out: Full of Now, a poetry book about bipolar and David Lynch is After Me, a memoir about their first manic episode.


art by James Maj

REASSEMBLANCES by Edward Wells another uninque poetical experience about the non-existent life based in part on the author’s own life…read below his pic damn it…

This text has at its origins thoughts from Walter Benjamin: “translation does not find itself in the center of the language forest but on the outside facing the wooded ridge; it calls into it without entering, aiming at that single spot where the echo is able to give, in its own language, the reverberation of the work in the alien one” (“The Task of the Translator” [1923], in Illuminations (1968)). Around the time I encountered these thoughts on translation, I began reading the poetry of Hwang Jin-I and Otagaki Rengetsu. I thought I might attempt some translations. I was fond of some of the poems that came out of that process working with multiple electronic “translators.” And I was not discouraged by the feedback I received in workshops. Considering the guidance I received from translator and professor Jen Hofer, I realized that in terms of translations, these pieces were failures. Still, I and others were interested in the product of the process, so I continued. The result is this chapbook of reassemblances, poems of a non-existent life, based in part on my own. 


art by Amy Renee Armstrong

Melissa Wray’s debut poetry collection chronicling loss, addiction, wayward adventures and meditative contemplation. If you liked J. Maxwell’s SOBER THOUGHTS FROM THE CRAZY HOUSE or Brenda Christies STRANDS OF STRUGGLE, you’ll dig this.

Grand Rapids poet Melissa Wray was born in 1982. She is a graduate of Grand Rapids Community College and studied Health Psychology at Bastyr University in Seattle.  She is currently a candlemaker. Melissa read with Dave Cope, alternately reciting work by Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg at the Wealthy Theatre celebration of beat writing in 2008.  She received 2nd prize in the Dyer-Ives 50th anniversary poetry competition for her poem “Iris.”  She has been published in Big Scream, Big Hammer, Napalm Health Spa, Gutter Eloquence, Voices, and Display.  Small Gestures is her first book.


art by Dillinger

  MILENKO ŽUPANOVIĆ returns with a third volume of poetry and prose, a combination of IMMORTAL DREAMS and PSALM OF LAST DAYS intermingled with new work paying tribute to ideas of the holy, the terrible, revelations and the end starting a new beginning

Milenko Županović was born in 1978 in Kotor (Montenegro). By profession he is a graduate marine engineer, but in his free time, he writes poetry and short stories. His  poems and other work have been published in The Stray Branch ,Mad Swirl,The Horror Zine,Antarctica journal,Mobius,Vox Poetica,Ascent Aspirations Magazine,The South Townsville micropoetry journal,Rio Negro Magazine,Axxon,Balkanski književni glasnik,Versewrights journal, Ariel Chart,Nova Fantasia,TreeHouse Arts,Emitor,Rusty Truck,Rasputin:A Poetry Thread,Every Day Poems, La Ira de Morfeo,Down in the Dirt,Edizioni Scudo,Tragovi,Full of Crow,Poets International,Kišobran,Osvit,Revista miNatura,Eridan,SF Almanah Terra,Lupo della Steppa,Književni Kutak,Breves no tan breves,Illumen, and many  magazines, blogs and websites, mostly in the Europe, U.S. and in Latin America.

You genuinely have to be a sadist to release five books in a month while sponsoring a show and attending PoetFest along with writing your shit that for some people still want to publish but what hell, April Cruelty comes but once a year.

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