How I knew you were dead – PT2

Not that it matters anymore,
did it ever really matter at all?
What they, you, thought of me, A matter of belief.
It will always be.
 I’ve know been told ‘she was trying to be kind,
you know Stephen, ‘with your state of mind’
Oh right, so she’s dying, duly dies, without good luck, love you
or even goodbye.
Her body she knew, I would have to find.
Because of course it’s me with the key, she cried when she gave
that to me.
Then didn’t answer a call, no contact.
You knew I would worry, oh of course, about you about the Cat
but also about Brian ‘The Milkman’
Oh how silly and soppy do I now sound ?
Don’t worry Stephen’s your man, that’s if…
You need a kind man’s job saving.
And a dubious dead woman found.
Yeah, he’s done this sort of thing before,
he won’t mind ‘doing’ one more, he knows the score.
He’s got his key, it’ll be fine.
Nothing left for ‘them’ to find.
And he’ll feed the Cat and yes, I did.
Because I thought you see, I, more fool me.
I had belief.
I believed I was a loved friend on that vile morning.
Not a fixer, while the real friends you knew, but I knew not of,
For Stephen to do the job.
I believed because I thought I mattered.
And one last thing I could do for you, I had to do.
It was just a case of belief.
Always was, always will be…….

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