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Our final release for National Poetry Month…

From the author of IMMORTAL DREAMS and PSLAMS OF LAST DAYS featuring a cover and interior by DFP’s very own art director Dillinger.

Milenko Županovic’s work can be a lot to take in with an unflinching view of the world derived from esoteric mystical texts of both an Old Testament tone yet a New Testament blessing of peace offered after all the flames have been burned out and the blood washed away.
Dillinger and I have the had the honor of publishing two of his previous works; IMMORTAL DREAMS and PSALM OF LAST DAYS which has had some people questioning of why we were publishing this type of work in the first place…doesn’t it stand for everything DFP against?
When we started this press, it was to give voices to those seldom heard…this isn’t necessarily dogma or a theological treatise as it is a journey throughout an ancient world reconciling itself with a world on fire descending somewhere we can never be sure where…
The volume you hold in your hands offers a perspective with a bit of history, theology, and philosophy. You’ll find poetry and prose from both the two previous volumes with new material completing a trilogy that takes us out of the world of dreams through the last days into visions of what may come to be in order to find a salvation of sorts.
While reading this won’t result in immortality it may plant new seeds of contemplation to grapple with a herculean set of revelations about to crash down upon our ever-fluctuating mortal realm teetering between rigid order of a satiric nature or wild insanity.

Seldom have I ever gotten a poetry manuscript where I’ve been allowed to run wild with the formatting but here we go!

VISIONS OF IMMORTALITY is the culmination of last two works leading to a wild series of revelations and from what we’ve seen from Milenko’s future VOICES FROM THE FIRE contributions we’re in for a divine apocalyptic treat.

In cold
gruesome shadows
in the dark
on the hill

of crucifixion.

art by Dillinger

Is not the end

Dive into darkness

Avoid octopus of


that blindly search you

touch the bottom

with a scar on the soul

emerge on the surface.


Constant search

for the remaining parts

of childhood

turned into a quest

for the rest of their lives

and sinks

looking at us

eyes closed.

River of salvation


Papyrus reed, the women worked silently in the dark, the soldiers were coming from afar, waiting for the stones, leaving the snake winding trail of broken ground, hot coals in his mouth as evidence of a small barge with a reed boat on the river, weeping mother and a sign from heaven, stones were hiding the sun, snakes grew closer, the soldiers heard a child crying, they searched the whole area, but a small barge with a secret wing.

Ring in all rubies is not broke faith in him, and the embers kept in the mouth, to the dismay of many, commands were disseminated in the wilderness, but the snake had a tail made ​​of wood, a small barge is overdue in the hands of a ruling that gave the child in care.

Selected was saved, the sun is bacalao kingdom, but soldiers are still looking for any child when they came to be, not where you have more, but they still heard the child crying, the board hit the ground, raised a huge cloud of dust, which obliterating the month, there were no lights in the desert, except in the room selected.

He put out his hand toward his mother, separated by the sea, crying is silent when it came to their mother’s arms, the army was defeated, huge waves had covered their tijela.Voda is continuously radiated from the rocks, commands the sacred mountain, the wind grew stronger , the sea is once again separated, the snake was already almost all the wood, the more she could not move, the stone statue at the bottom of the ocean, women make a small boat of reeds, wooden stick into a snake was lifted at the top of the mountain sacred to and relied spoken commands.

A stone statue on the sea floor, but nobody tells you is not heard, the frescoes in the churches have changed color, the arrangement is no longer the same, the statue will start moving towards them, the stone on the holy mountain, a sign in the desert, a small barge is not overturned, the wind carries away from the soldiers, crying child, to light the statue as a halo shining, the sea is separated, the water emerges from the rock.

A mother embraces her child who does not cease to cry for them along the river comes a small boat, rescue is near, trembling reed, his mother’s hand caressing a baby’s head, a barge with them and sign it.

The wind is stronger, the cold is great, the mother embraces her child, approaching the boat, bush burning in it, warming their faces, arms to the bush baby, eternal character, embrace of mother and child.

Black hole

The horrible


in the dark




in the ashes


on fire.



of apostles
                the gallows
                figure of betrayal
                                       in silver


Milenko Županovic

Milenko Županović was born in 1978 in Kotor (Montenegro). By profession he is a graduate marine engineer, but in his free time, he writes poetry and short stories. His poems and other work have been published in The Stray Branch, Mad Swirl, The Horror Zine, Antarctica journal,,Mobius,Vox Poetica,Ascent, Aspirations Magazine,,Rio Negro Magazine,,Axxon,Balkanski književni glasnik,Versewrights journal, Ariel Chart,Nova Fantasia,TreeHouse Arts,Emitor, Every Day Poems, La Ira de Morfeo,Down in the Dirt,Edizioni Scudo,Tragovi,Full of Crow,Poets

In 2010 he wrote and published his first book, a collection of stories, and he also written and published few collections of poems (ebooks). In 2015 he wrote and published his second book, a collection of stories and poetry. In 2016 he wrote his third book, a mini collection of poetry Testament of Ancestors (published in USA, project Poems for all). His books Martiri , Simboli Segreti , Rituali Sacri and Collina di teschi were published in italian language by Edizioni  Scudo. His chapbook The Blood of Poets was published by Scars Publications.His brochure –collection of prose and devotional poems Dreams of Gods was published by Mount Abraxas Press.

April was cruel but the cruelty was worth it…just not next year…maybe…

Published by Mike Zone

Mike Zone is the former Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press and managing editor of Concrete Mist Press. The author of Screaming in the End: Poems and Stories, Fuck You: A Fucking Poetry Chap, Shedding Dark Places (almost), One Hell of a Muse , as well as coauthor of The Grind and Razorville. A frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl. His work has been featured in: A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Black Shamrock Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, Better Than Starbucks, Piker Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, and Cult Culture magazine.

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