One of the few principles Dumpster Fire Press has (and believe me there are few) is that as counter-culture publisher we are not one to sell out…as is pretty much apparent with the diverse amount of voices we have in our dumpster of talent and I mean that affectionately as everyone who contributes is a voice from the fire and all voices are equal.

While DFP stands firm when it comes to selling out or even endorsing products, the Editor In Chief does have a hard-on for new technology. Running a small press on a tight budget, managing various manuscripts, submissions, my own creative endeavors and not to mention attempting to break into new markets while contending with a language barrier.

Can almost be wrist slitting…

Enter Samir Karimo, award winning horror and splatter-punk author, we’ve crossed various paths over the years and he’s contributed to DFP as well beginning with VOICES FROM THE FIRE, DEATH BY PUNK, OCTOPI FROM THE SKY, BEDROOM ANATOMY LESSONS and the forthcoming WORLD ON FIRE: PROPAGANDIE…we’ve even had the honor of printing English translation of the first installment of his ever popular graphic novel series VALKIRIA with artist Felipe Arambarri and Miguel Angel Sanchez

Samir is one of those few writers that has finger on the pulse of culture ahead of time and has a pretty cool job in charge of commercial promotions of the LORCA AI software which he offered me a limited trial on…

It’s AI? Yeah, I had the same hesitations even Skynet as well but I also read a great book called BULLSHIT JOBS and the doubt became just a tad stronger when I was reading how technology for the most part is creating more beaurocracy and engineering more needless managerial jobs due to the displacement of manufacturing along with the lagging wages of the service…but that’s another conversation for another time…let share the official press release for Bouker itself regarding the Lorca program.

Lorca.Ai is an editor for literary projects that includes even scientific literature and its functions, not only corrects grammar and spelling, but its strength comes from the collaboration between users, creative mode, readability, detoxifying texts and text generation.

Lorca covers 4 categories, each one uses a project structure adapted to that environment.

For example in novels, It is allowed to create characters, places and plot lines. This allows you to carry the entire structure of a scientific document. And it has another two to cover blogging jobs and posting for the Internet. And a free category that allows structure by chapters and sheets. Another feature of Lorca.ai is the possibility of translation into English and/or Spanish of its texts, in addition to readability where the user can better address their audience and the presence of dictionaries with definitions, antonyms and synonyms.

It also includes an online note and comment mechanism. All this thanks to Artificial Intelligence Kathe. For more information visit www.lorca.ai, where after registering you can have access to a special trial period just by mentioning in the contact lorca-dumspterfirepress

For the brief time that I’ve been utilizing it for things outside of DFP and there are a multitude of projects…I don’t have to worry so much about organization, the writing process becomes streamlined and yield a substantial amount of flexibility within the frame work provided. It’s like a the swiss army knife of writing at the moment but I will be honest and admit I have only dabbled with English to Spanish texts yet from what I have experimented with…it’s actually not only spitting out accurate translation but giving me a good grasp on the language as well.

I look forward to exploring LORCA even more than the poet himself haha…yeah, lame joke but here are some shots demonstrate how multifunctional and accessible this program is to even a semi-luddite like me… though they are in Spanish…also huge thanks to Boukker for providing the visuals from their PR department.

It’s definitely program worth trying, especially if you have a mind like a bullet train and you’re being pulled every whichway in the real world.

Give it a whirl and mention Dumpster Fire Press and you’ll get half off on the subscription.

I’d like to not only thank Samir Karimo for making me aware of this LORCA but we are also grateful to Asniel Rodriguez CEO of Boukker for allowing us to test drive this innovation.

I dare say, we will be collaborating further with this company in the future along with the whacky creators affiliated with them.

Stay surreal and check out the links at the bottom for more info…



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