Hateful Eight

Alright, it’s not exactly a spite filled issue…please ignore my pathetic attempt at being clever with a simple ryhme and reference to a certain film by a certain director…


cover art by Dillinger

Culled from the official Dumpster Fire Press blog…VOICES FROM THE FIRE!
Dumpster Fire Press continues featuring poets, writers and visual artist both nationally and internationally, from various pockets of cultures some previously heard, seldom seen or never heard or seen ever before. Come jump into the fire with us!
Let’s burn together…for the eighth, time…

Yes, we’ve got a bit of hate, rage, spite, hate, passion, love and resonating meditations in here along with a slew of fantastic and semi-fitting visions to accompany those voices.

Check it or not…still on the fence? This volume covers February-May of the VOICES FROM THE FIRE series.

Always taking submissions for art, poetry and prose. Check out our submissions page and make sure to include an author pic for the site…bios are unnecessary as a we here at DFP believe all voices are equal.

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