Be Like a Waterfall

Our love is like a waterfall, running wild and free.

We have fallen in the deepest love and gratitude for all that we have.

Let go! Don’t resist, just go with and find your own flow.

There is only the present: Waterfalls aren’t worried about falling they just pour.

Continuing on.

Providing fresh water and nourishment to others.

A steady lullaby and charm.

Be like a waterfall and wink or smile with your random gleaming flecks at every passerby.

When you open your eyes you see the beauty that exists everywhere

Just be and in so being you are doing more than you could ever know.

Be flexible, meander through.

You have the power within just like a waterfall to bless people by your words and smiles.

You carry within you the tumultuous power to make the world better.

To move.

Persistence is key, slamming that rock until a new shape is uncovered.

To watch the water fall one can learn so many things.

Nature brings solace in all troubles.

Every dream comes with a waterfall of emotions.

Cool and crystal clear, they cleanse and soothe.


Stopping before entering your front step to look up at the stars, or the snow falling under the lights is to experience free magic.

On Birds

Seeing blue jays…

I spotted him and he darted away…

I heard him making noise for me and looked as he flew away…

I felt the snow fall on my face as he was above me in the tree reaching me every way he could in all his glory

I watched him as he continued to leap to the top, each branch un-dusting onto me….

I see, hear and feel you!

The Tree

That spot that you go

Where you are met as you are.

Where worries and to-dos are not.

Where getting to is not always easy.

Where you are alone, yet so comforted and loved.

Where you are spoken to with compassion from your own heart.

Where there is such nothingness that is everything-ness.

Where no one can touch you, but you are still connected with all things.

Where the birds know your name.

Where the grass cushions you,

the tree supports you,

the wind nourishes you,

the sky grounds you to your limitedness,

the sun calls you,

and the ants bite you, just a nibble,

To remind you that you are alive.

The kiss and taste of the place

That can always hold you,

That always is.

That saves our history’s stories for us to hear

whispered through the breeze, buzzes, chirps, bristles,

and the language of the rickety, old wise branches.

This Spot is our place.

This place that gives us the answers that we and ourselves before us always knew.

Take time to be at your Spot.

The Spot where all is lost and everything is found.

Listen with your heart.

There you find Heaven on earth.

Hold on to it tightly.

Don’t let it get away from your daily grasps.

Nature, and what we gain from its wisdom, never changes.

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