The jackal always invaded her dreams

The places were always set

In readiness for the rest of the pack

To complete her profound disgust at 

Layers of explanation

The saddened festivals were near

Dire death was close by 

The aeroplane was running late

The helicopter was playing a jig

Xmas came and went

Easter eggs were breaking the scramble

Heart and soul were playing a music

Of devastating mutual regret

The quicksand licked at her heals 

She luxuriated in the slime

She thought of Sylvia Plath 

Loved her so much more

She scrimmaged in the kitchen

To find the fatal perfume

The sweet smell of death

The Stain

Childhood memory

Frame smiling

Helpless arms

Splashing surrender

Cupboards open 

Clothes dying 

Blinds shutting

Doors clocking

Awkward blunders

Sexual encounters

Fire burning

Ship scending

Life twisting

Heroin smiling

Needle sharping

Spoon feeding

Lost strangers

Splashing surrender

People coming

People going

Marching orders

Eyes closing

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