VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala 

Buzzing world

The flight is yet on the horizon 

Your landing is yet to be confirmed  

The eagle teases at you for your discomfort 

Wise talk

The people are less concerned 

Your preaching and morality go in vain 

The lowly born chuckles at your knowledge 

Inside you 

The heart pumps vigorously 

You wait disseminating it to others

The people have no mercy on your story   


The Sun at dusk 

Soon tired you and me, 

Wishing to cuddle with the supper, 

Leaving worries aside, for the new energy.

The moon lit night 

Peace in mind, happy us,

Consoling each other with warmth,

Pleasing and calm for the new energy.

Bliss, you, and me 

Aura of life immeasurable

Conceiving the unborn in the midnight, Achieving strength and jollity for new energy. 

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