Like APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX we got some more stuff for you from DFP…



Still burning…VOICES FROM THE FIRE continues! Collecting poetry, prose and stunning visuals from the official Dumpster Fire Press, rolling e-zine VOICES FROM THE FIRE featuring wordsmiths and artists from here, there and everywhere in-between.

We will conclude the run to this ever popular series with Volume 12 in early 2023. It’s been fun but time to move on for now…actually burnout contributed to most of that…as for what the content entails…check out our latest entries from late May-late July…it’s easy, click on the VOICES FROM THE FIRE section of this site and scroll on through…pretty simple unless you’re from the Great Grand Rapids Circle Jerk and you’re unable to figure out anything that isn’t directly connected to your friend’s endeavors…LIVE LOCAL!

Next up we have the final chapbook from Editor In Chief Mike Zone…FUCK YOU: A FUCKING POETRY CHAP featuring stunning complimentary visuals by WORLD ON FIRE: PROPAGANDIE brain-child Paul Warren.

I lied…as Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press, I vowed never to publish my own book…I mean a book written by Mike Zone, edited by Mike Zone and published by Mike Zone…how egocentric can one get? All of a sudden I decided I wanted to circulate my work for free through various venues but first had to make proper goodbyes dropping truth-bombs left and right so please enjoy the 42 pages of poetry with stunning complimentary visuals by DFP heavy hitter Paul Warren. If anything, you’ll be saying “Fuck you” too to the way things are, were and are still trying to be in the era of Sixth Extinction.

Dance, dance, dance

Mad titans

the death of magik

Putin dance club

in Siberia

dance, dance, dance


Sixth extinction

U.S. Fantasy

I want to marry

Anne Sexton’s ghost

phantom Allen Ginsberg weeping

holding Walt Whitman’s sausages from the grocery cart

I just broke the other stockboy’s heart

Kissing- bad makeup

drag glitter bummed

baby gurl

“my god”

that phrase- MY GOD

MY GOD- humble thyself before thee

I need your assistance

Your restoration

Taken aback

Give me understanding

MY GOD- I ask thee, let me plead with thee

A self-serving prayer

I cannot comprehend my misery

Divine nor man-made

MY GOD- whom I own

Do not mock what is mine

Do not question nor conflate this narrative

My god and I are one

Reflective of one another

Made in his image

We are the divine face

Of the divine face

Every knee shall bend

Head will bow

Tongue shall break


it’s just all too incomprehensible

Bad sex (Lipstick mirror redux)

Last night really pitch black taking us to a bleeding sky sun rise

it could have been the pot

or whiskey

possibly the beer

we played cards and watched documentaries on castles and the Spanish civil war

you always pulled out the weird toys in an effort to convert me

claimed I was too vanilla

you always wanted to bend over the bed with the windows open with subzero temperatures knowing my dick never quite worked right in the cold

it was mostly uncomfortable with you

the inside of your vagina overly pierced

like a razorblade suitcase

you’d choke me

slap me

call me a “fuck” or “son of a bitch”

discovered my temporary secret kink

mostly it was awful and kind of bad


but there were good nights

when one of us would get blackout drunk

only not to remember

you ever so gleeful “You wrecked my pussy! Let’s get breakfast.”

Only to pass out cross-eyed

denying the validity of my semi sober recollections

shortly after

only to pass out again

wanting to cuddle

when I awoke

there was that oh familiar lipstick message on the mirror

I’ve written about

So many times already

“Some poet

Can’t get it up”

It was a common problem

With you

With me

Guess it never worked out

quite right

true romance

kink and rage

not included

Understanding power

Sixth extinction

Fun Police on parade

fighting staged struggles

half a century old

you’ll never have ultimate equity

nor advancement

allow me my fun

love and chaos reigns

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