Bitch God Hustler of Heaven

For Vytautas

He’s a hard-hearted bitch

Hustling on street corners

Bare-assed on the black, plush seats of cars

Shooting birds

Mooning God

Spitting sperm on the gates of heaven

Because he knows he isn’t going to heaven 

For calling his mother a high- riding bitch

And blaming God 

For leaving him no choice but to sell his ass on the boulevard corner

Where the shit of birds 

Dries on the windshields of Cadillac cars

Where he gives head to unknown men in the front seat of their car

He wishes he could say that it was better than heaven,

that he saw stars and little blue birds

Circling over head. He’s a street smart bitch 

Who pleasures men in black limousines on the street corner 

As they scream,“Oh God”

But God 

Does not forgive hustlers who deface the paint jobs of cars 

Parked on the street where an undercover cop stands on the corner 

With hair the color of an angel from heaven 

Rubbing his denim crotch. He will never be that bitches


For he is a bird 

Who can’t be caged, God

Life’s a bitch 

When one loses his cherry in the back seat of dark cars

With legs pointed to the skies of heaven,

Feet scrambling, scraping the black tops of street corners

He stomps on those hustling hoes that invade his corner 

Clip the wings of those birds,

Those angels pushed out of the gates of heaven 

for pissing in the face of God 

Giving golden showers to tricks in their cars

A low-down and dirty bitch

Standing on the corners of streets waving down cars

driven by men with wings for arms in the face 

Of the bitch Goddess of heaven 

John Wants My Ass

John wants my ass

But he won’t admit it ‘cuz he’s afraid his wife will find out.

Even though I keep swearing to the teeth that she won’t.

He wants to tongue my asshole,

But he won’t come clean, that he wants to get in my jeans

After telling him that I’m his fuckbuddy for life.

He can tongue my scumhole until the cows come home

But all he says is, “I’m gonna call the cops if you keep calling here.”

After letting him know he’s got a fuckbuddy for life

And I’ll bend like a stem to get my ass rimmed,

He threatens to sick the brass on my black ass

Just because I know what I want.

I’ll bend like a stem, to get my ass rimmed

By that redneck mouth of the south

‘Cuz I’m a fucking slut, who wants a tongue up his butt

By that pansy John Hanvey in the bed, his wife lays her head in.

John  slobs on my Indian corncob with his mouth of the south,

Cuz I couldn’t get him to stop from staring at my cock,

In the same bedroom his wife lays her head in.

He fucked me like hell in a Chicago hotel,

For he was transfixed on my dick,

That redneck lunatic

Who fucked me like hell in a Chicago hotel

And forced me to scream his name.

This southern lunatic

Can’t get enough of my dick 

Who forces me to sang his name

While he fucks me like the redneck hick he is   

Tonight I’m Eric Estrada

Tonight I’m wearing panties

I’m a big shooter

I’m a top

I’m a bottom

I’m someone’s jack off buddy

Tonight I’m a stud

Tonight I’m a muscle daddy

I’m an afternoon delight

I’m a Queens encounter

Tonight there are no strings attached

I’m a midtown guy always on the prowl

it’s blowjob time

I’m a bear

Tonight I’m looking to eat butt

I want slow, sensual bodywork

you’ll find me at all down town clubs

I’m just a college student looking for fun

Tonight I am that fun hang out buddy

Tonight I’m a bachelor

I’m an Asian stud

I’m a lesbian police officer

I look like George Clooney

Tonight I’m Donnie Osmond

I’m Eric Estrada

I’m looking to worship big cocks

I’m handsome with a big cock

I’m adventurous & open-minded

everyone gets no hassle blowjobs

I’m a black top with 9 scrumptious inches

Tonight I’m married

Tonight the wedding ring comes off

I’m old fashioned, yet modern

I’m looking for a Japanese girlfriend

I’m gonna be somebody’s suga daddy

I’m boyfriend material

I’m chasing my cheating boyfriend down the street with a machete

Tonight I’m a medical school hottie

Tonight I’m Greek and new to the city

I’m experienced and well hung

I’m a show off

Tonight it’s my first time

I’m cute as hell

I’m looking to $ervice you completely

I want my ass filled up

Tonight I’m your body-shaving buddy

I got a juicy cock

I’m a loving guy

I got a thin rod with a mushroom head

I’m a Queens male looking for bisexual fun

I only want a discreet relationship

nobody’s perfect

everybody’s perfect

Tonight let’s fuck

Tonight we play

I give free sensual, erotic massages 

Tonight I got a BIG thick dick

I got a FAT pink pussy

I’m sucking young fat ass cock

Tonight I want a jock

Tonight I am that jock

I’m a nerdy guy

I want to sniff used underwear

I’m a park stalker

I’m a transgender maid

Tonight I suck & lick

Tonight it’s full service for all midtown boys

Tonight it’s free dildos for everyone

I got an ass you wouldn’t believe

I’ll jack off in front of you

I’m a bi femme

I’m a walking G-spot

I’m your Asian masseur

I’m that 50+ male

Tonight I’m available exclusively for you

I’m Jenna Jameson

I’m a phone sex operator

I’m a cute girl with baby fat

Tonight I’m in my mid-twenties living in Soho and I want it now

I’m a cock-craving maniac

I’m your daddy needing dick

I’m your sexy lioness

I’m your dyke on a bike

Tonight I’m young & white

Tonight I’m your Brooklyn boy

Tonight I’m clean-cut

I’ll massage your ass

I’m your disease-free top daddy

I’m your hairy-chested German

Tonight I’m looking for fast fun in downtown Manhattan

I’m jock strapped in midtown

I’m fat & feminine

Tonight I’m in all places at one time

But tomorrow I won’t remember your name




It’s fucked


Is fucked

Everything is 


I worsh

I worshipped 

I worshipped you

Worshipped you


You were

You were my

You were my Hero

You were my Hero

There wuz

There wuz no

There wuz nobody

Like you

Like you

I ain’t never met 

Anybody like you









There ain’t

There isn’t

There ain’t

Nobody like

Poets like you

Poets like you don’t

Poets like you don’t grow on trees


You know 

You know what 

You know what I’m

You know what I am

You know what I am sayin’

You know what I’m sayin’

Do you see what I’m sayin

Do you fucking know 





Damn I 

Damn I thought you 

Damn I thought you were the shit

I thought you 

Were the shit

I thought you was the shit

Thought you wuz the shit, man


I use 

I useta to

I useta to love

I used to love your

I used to love your work

I useta love your poems

Shit I useta love your poems

Useta read em

Useta read em ova and ova

Ova and ova again

Again and again

And again again

Over and over again


You were 

You were like 

You were like a 

You were like a celebrity

You wuz like a celebrity to me

A star

A star

A      bright and shinin’    star

A bright and shinin’ star 

A real star

I thought you were a star

I  wrapped

I    wrapped

Wrapped you

I wrapped you      in red

wrapped you    in red carpets

Red carpets

Red carpets I wrapped you in

Now it’s

Now it’s fucked

Everything is

Everything is fucked

Everything is fucking fucked up

It’s dirty



O so filthy

O it’s so fucking   filthy


Tainted and fucking filthy

Fucked up and filthy

Now I

Now I hate 

Now I hate

Can’t even see straight

Now I can’t even see straight cuz I hate



Hate you

Wish you

Wish you were

Wish you 


My heart is

My heart is bleeding

My heart is bleedin’

I’m bleedin’

Believe I’m bleedin’

Never want to

Never wanna

Never wanna see you again

And I never want to 

I never want to see you


Cuz I don’t 

Cuz I don’t know

What I might

What I might do

I don’t know what I might do

Don’t know what I might do to you

Everything is fucked

Everything is

Is fucked up everything

This shit is fucked up

This shit be fucked up

Published by Mike Zone

Mike Zone is the former Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press and managing editor of Concrete Mist Press. The author of Screaming in the End: Poems and Stories, Fuck You: A Fucking Poetry Chap, Shedding Dark Places (almost), One Hell of a Muse , as well as coauthor of The Grind and Razorville. A frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl. His work has been featured in: A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Black Shamrock Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, Better Than Starbucks, Piker Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, and Cult Culture magazine.

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