on the verge of madness

just another broken child

scribbling down words 

in a notebook on the 

verge of madness

yet not quite certain 

what comes next

it is easier to take orders 

than make decisions

but sometimes the ledge

disappears and you have 

no choice

sink or swim

live or die

and once survival 

isn’t your first 


you will be ready for 

everything that comes 


what song will be playing

it’s an old song 

by journey and 

the memories 

of a friend that 

killed himself 

to it

that always makes 

me think if i was 

going to go out 

that way, what 

song will be 


as i get older

the song 


to change

but in the lowest 

moments i have

i always come 

back to muddy 


a glass of scotch

with otis redding 

waiting to come 

on stage

anything that moves

it’s an old lady wearing

a push up bra and your

first thought is, why not?

still wired to fuck 

anything that moves

yet there is no fucking 

way such a dream is 



bad luck, 


have all taken their 

turns beating the shit 

out of me

i figure if i get lucky

i’ll get to use that thing 

between my legs again 

before my hands decide

to choke it to death

some crazy dude from her past

snowing in april 

and suddenly 

prince starts 

singing in 

my head

a black woman 

with blonde hair

eyes me from 

across the room

i’m sure i look 

like some crazy

dude from her 


an old white guy 

sits next to me

and i ask him 

if he’s holding

he finds a 

different seat

old and lonely

i tend to amuse 

myself these 


i’m sure this 

will end well

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