An Old Man Appears

The weather was nice.  I’ve been wanting to go to the bush for a while to see the magical world that lives within and beyond the trees.  As I walked I saw chipmunks sunbathing on stumps and brown and white butterflies’ in their mourning cloaks grazed my sight.  I listened to the birds sing their hearts out.  I took a few moments to sit on a log to meditate.  As I got up, I had to make a decision on what path to take.  The chosen path led me to an old man.

The man was carefree picking marsh marigolds just because he wanted to.  They were in his bush, easy to plant and brought enjoyment to his days. He also was looking for leeks today to add to his soup. How terrific.  He knew every tree without thinking twice and was so proud of his sugar shack for his own life enjoyment and no one else’s.

He was purely in the moment not worried about how his enjoyment would affect anyone else. Yet, it affected me. When I feel the lowest about myself, I struggle with finding my passion and doing things just for myself.

The old man was pursuing his passion without a thought or care for what others thought about him.  Despite the pandilemma he was pursuing his own dream and joy.  In doing so, he brought pleasure not only to himself, but also to me.  He brought me the wisdom to trust in my own instincts and to pay attention to my environment, work, and health

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