I am the Peepul tree

For decades I have provided shelter to people in rain or shine

I am the witness of dynamics of the society

Seen people from being a child to getting crippled by age

I am the witness from growth to death

Witness to beautiful morphing to decay 

I am the witness of seeing man transmuting from being human to inhuman

I am the witness of the ghastly night 

The night when an innocent village woman who has been chased by political goons

I am the witness of a morbid death and murder of the innocence

She lay thick in blood; her skin clawed by the human predators

She cried but none would respond out of fear

I decide to be the adjudicator

With my power 

I call upon a storm that no one has seen before

In the morning all came to see the drama

My branches reacted to fell six rapists dead on the spot

Only the woman lay cleansed of blood and abrasions on flesh gone

Her vaginal blood sucked clean by me rendering her pure again

Who are these people who have forgotten to protest

Who have I been protecting all these decades

Humans or Cowards!!

I stand broken, as the witness of such ghastly murder with



The wind swaying the daffodils suddenly changes to high scale

The blue firmament becomes a sheet of dark smoke and clouds

Flaunting an evil face and hungry look

Everywhere in the world the picture is the same

People could feel something ominous snowballing around us.

The globe turns into a whirling pot

Anything wrong? 

That is the only question uppermost in every heart

Some rushed to switch on TV, some their smart phones, some iphones and some ipads

Everywhere runs the same picture.

The gargantuan body of Covid 19, people discover!!

The impact is macabre and horrendous;

People start dropping as trees fall in storm, the bodies convulsed as if possessed by an unknown spirit and bad omen

Dead bodies and dead bodies fill the streets, houses, hospitals and markets;

Doctors are poggled and nervy; what disease is this, doctors ask!!!

It has no cure, WHO declare.

It is a deadly virus that destroys all the organs and spark off fibrosis, 

It is something that lies outside medical science’s scope; havoc of deaths cover the earth

Whole world goes under lockdown 

And graves fall short of burial ground as 61 crores lives go out of light.

Scenario develops mental phobia, suicide and dementia. 

As COVID 19 stands with its bloodshot eyes

and declares, the death game is not yet over saying, “I am here to Kill”.

Vaccine, boosters. medicines fail to impede rush of death!!!

Comes the First wave, second wave, third wave now fourth one and no one knows where lies the end.

Fair is foul

And foul is fair

Hover through the fog and 

Filthy air.


Be a traveler if not across geography then at least through thoughts

One could visualize the state of the art condition of the city

The city is burning from all corners

Gangubai and her family torched live by the mercenary killers

You can smell the scalded and the charred foul stink of their flesh

Where is the law

It is missing

Police purchased by local parties

They sell their oath of saving people to killing instead

What city is this

Unknown, decrepit

Everyday five murders take place

One gang rape and students marauded and killed as if they are criminals on street

There is scuffle every single day between the hooligans and supporters of various political parties

Nothing happens to them 

Except the ordinary getting killed amidst the din of carnage

What has gone wrong with the city of Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Amartya Sen

Where time lapse once used to keep its inhabitants rooted to the soil and moral values

The people living in skyscrapers alongside the shanty co-existed in peace

When it comes to guilt, each one pointing their fingers to the other

Nobody willing to take the blame

And the head of the city and the state sitting with a calm face in air conditioned room 

As the city of joy goes up in flames.


Deserted land, trees standing bare charred and shorn off leaves

Bodies, human flesh scattered hit by shells lie everywhere

Relaying picture of history itself

First world war, second world war and now third?

Invoking wasteland once again

No life, no sound of human voice except the utter silence of fear and fright

It is Ukraine this time; war raged by warmonger Putin, Russia for no reason

Had Chernobyle captured, what more is the need to keep bombing the city with missiles

And bringing down skyscrapers, houses of common people into a heap of debris

Small country, peaceful people, salubrious clime suddenly hit by war

Old people scarred to death, faces of children smeared with blood from wounds

Why war? Whose fault? Reason unknown

Russia is still continuing its Hitlerian anarchy despite all the Superpowers’ veto


A small square room

A nameless man and a woman

Meet every day for wild sex

Deformed organs

Clash one other

in frenzied rhythm, gorging each other

biting, licking 

organs spewing blood

each day the same story

leaves each other once over as strangers

ten months later

the woman gives birth

to a baby with white iris

Marks the beginning of a dystopic generation

giving birth to cannibalism, violence, death

man feeding on the flesh of man

A world caught in time of turmoil smacking of primal instinct of man

A generation of crippled and beastly humans, the new inhabitants of earth

A world caught in a dystopic climate

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