Death of the Circus

Ladies and gents

Welcome to the show

We open the day ahead great

But don’t look behind you…

As I’m closing the gates

Introducing a monster with nowhere to be

Standing defeated at At 6 foot 3 filled with leveled pain

I’m getting repaid every rainy day I hide in

Every 30 seconds I could break

But I try bend

Around your heart. And every second I could rip it apart

But I keep still

We move through the fire with the windows up

Not because it’s too hot

I just like to watch aerodynamic flames roll over us

It’s so cold when heat starts rising over painful reminders

Acclimated by accumulating this day cannot be wasted

Add reflection and a glob of humility… top it off with some confidence. .

Now you’re ready to bleed all over the tamed

And wait because this isn’t a fucking game

Because I held your death in my hands

Your freedom in my choice

Like you asked my permission to breathe

Because it’s become those days that made you able to be you today

A heart thumps

A beat crashes

So I put my chest against yours…


I bring you to life every time is my wish

Cuz I need you to breathe

And you need me to keep you alive until I die

Love is a compromise of chemicals, patience and time.

But I’m traveling past my past lies

The future thrives

Just breath my hurt and know joy rises

There’s no such thing as a separate way

We’re stuck love living life until we die inside or out.

No more tears that drip the wrong way

i love your pain

Put it on me and watch me fade

Such a good death to take

Now ask me if I really loved you

As my fucking soul leaves me

Eyes fucking role

Rigor mortis stiffens

DMT released… wow

Nurses pull she sheets over my head emotional dread

My shadow has fallen on my daughters pillow

I’m leaving but it doesn’t mean I ever left baby

Keep my soul in 5 fires headed for the sun

When you sleep I’ll touch you in your dreams

It’s okay… I was your heart for a while

The world won’t let me smile

My child

I love you

When I go I want you to smile.

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