Buddy And The King Of I-35

If you see us camped

on a busy street

a sign that says

nee foo

Spare some change

A dollar for a smile

a can of dogfood

for the king of I35

May the Lord

serve you well

He says to all who pass

I was a mutt

escaping the promise

of a boneless sleep

for a good boy’

He called me over saying

hey Buddy, I think I got

a sandwich

that he fed me with a shaky hand

He patted me

brushed me with his own comb

gave me a little sip of suds

Easy Buddy, just enough

to make the night pass

He told me a story

I slept near his knee

while the wheels passed

If you see a dog proud

next to a royal man

stop by to hear a song

drop some change

in the cap of the king of I-35

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