VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 11 is availabe right now!

Collected the poems, stories and illustrations from offical VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via the Dumpster Fire Press website…covering September through November 5th (fittingly enough)

We’ve doing this two years now and will be running Volume 12 daily until we reach hiatus stage where we shall retool.

But what does that consist of?

Additional Editors, in-house talent, more chances for publication, mutlimedia outreach (yeah much to my chagrin started a tiktok channel) eventually getting out there doing a nomadic opem MIC project called TRIGGER & IMPLODE.

There might even be graphic novels down the pipepline and don’t think we’re going away for a complete almost year.

We’ll be keeping the site interested putting a few things on there and here and there along with a few updates on pending projects and the revamping stage.

So thanks all our readers and creators who hell…I’ll just blatantly say it…


because I was ready to thrown in the towel and just be done with this during the Sixth Extinction but honestly we have to keep this thing going if only to give you one insane fucking year of content.

Also thanks to Dillinger for cover and Efe Tusder for the sweet new logo.

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