Becoming old

First it reminds me most friends are dead.
Well, that is just the way of things, what can I expect ?
Did I think they would wait for me, give me a chance to catch up?
I tried.
Because I wanted my to be together again, talk for hours over a cup.
Well, that seemed more probable than them becoming young,
If they had just waited, in a status state.
I would have soon been along.
I know some hate to wait.
So no will I ever meet them in heaven or hell?
I may just be a quick visit,
for it’s been said .
And now is in my head.
You spend an hour in heaven.
Before The Devil knows you’re dead.

Roger and Out

It’s over,
The end, it’s finished.
No surprise a relief almost.
Then arrives a note.
Carefully composed ,
neatly written neatly wrote.
Telling me what I already knew.
What I heard the first time.
And oh, now I have in writing,
plus a phone message along the same lines.
Text Message I suppose, I dislike those.
So I just imagine the gist,
what you’ve said, what you’ve written.
Certainly one for communication,
or driving the nail home.
Perhaps I’m not doing my bit?
By not replying, but frankly what’s the point?
Maybe I should find a suitable stone,
have my reply carved in that.
A bit archaic even for me and think of the postage alone.
Perhaps a stony silence, if stone must be involved.

Oh not so bad

Oh surely it’s not so bad?
Summer soon, drinks on lawns.
And through open windows heard,
Wimbledon and Cricket commentary.
Each year sounds more absurd,
depending upon which ear it’s heard.
Part of Summers idyllic but past,
part of childhood gone in a blink
 but at the time treacle slow.
And same will this Summer be so,
For some a war torn, limb lost hell,
For others dozing on lawn chairs,
waiting for the dinner bell.
Gin half drunk, novel half read,
half asleep, no not so bad.
Just avoid the news and concentrate,
not on war or for that matter the poor,
nor the dead, dying, but the Test match,
weather and Tennis instead

 People are good

People are fundamentally good.
Is there any evidence to support that?
Two world wars , millions dead
“Oh it wouldn’t happen these days”
I bet it bloody well would.
Thousands dead In Afghanistan innocents most
the same occurrence in Ukraine.
We leave the country in a worse position,
than when we marched in to sort it out
With our allied tails between our legs.
And dreadfully sorry about your family being dead.
I know let’s have a sweepstake
A map, A fiver, a pin.
Then we can have a bit of fun.
A fiver a guess, which country next?

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