Cindy Poems

Lighting fickles and cool downpours of silken whereabouts 

sliding doors to countless encounters of flesh pounded into love

wet degraded unearth triangular flies 

and hopped-up bunnies looking for ragweed time capsules

Where is fairyland  ?

Sodden nightmares that quake with resistance unilateral timekeepers await further instructions helium balloons full of piss and cum

Await further instructions give you over to bastards who dream of red marching ants and tampon queens all sucking off the tit of wasteland

Curious I tell ya

Though projections ramping silver bricks of hope descending into spikes of sheltered realm-eaters of the rainbows riders of the red caterpillar walking on his hands

Can you hear the music 

It forever plays for those who juggle stars and lick the underside crust of the moon

 they have bent up stars in their eyes sailboats in their brain pan

look for the slip in door and count bottle caps full of serotonin 

escaping to that faraway crater to be reborn into dust and glasses 

no escape the tomb has written you far into time

Where the green beetle waddles on a thin line of saliva riding the cosmic interlude

 catch love if you can

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