I know. You are in there. In the Q-zone.

Your life wasn’t a gift.

Something went wrong and you failed.

You didn’t have to be successful.

But right now you have a second chance. Don’t be afraid my friend. I am your inner demon. We will make you a ruthless bastard as much as they want.

We will feed you stinky breast milk and old-fashioned daddy’s semen. You will be reborn.

You will be a good citizen, a good son a good husband. You will steal politely. You will rape silently. Your smile will shine until your die.

Everyone will love you and you will destroy them slowly.

 And one day you will be yourself.

 I promise that day, I will leave you.

I don’t need your soul. I just want you to be happy.

 Please accept my offer.

Sign it

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