Luckily we’re still on hiatus. and are indeed planning an April relaunch…it’s been a thrill putting together a team of editors and in-house talent and I looked forward to aligning all of that with the live TRIGGER & IMPLODE shows to create a nifty counter-culture multi-media niche…

Dumpster Fire Press was first concieved as an avenue to which I made amends while I was working with Rouge Wolf Press under a person known as “Wolfman” who basically had fucked over a few writers and not wanting to damage my reputation in the overly volatile environment of the small press realm, took on the burden of inheriting a dumpster fire.

SO over sixty titles later along with a website and tiktok channel, where does it go from here? I’ve considered pulp titles that actually pay and dividing the money evenly among all the contributors and the deeper I get, the more this becomes a job and less of a passion.

The small press I feel is also a toxic environment, need I elaborate anymore? No and I won’t, we all know there’s a horde of fools out there screaming “WORSHIP MY NARCISSISM”. Individual author projects for the most part have evolved into combat with time-vampires…not to mention aged out narcs from my local area trying tell me how to operate a press which was just a passion project .

As Editor In Chief and mainly as a writer, I’ve come to reckoning in my personal life regarding the direction I would like to go creatively and existentially in the ordinary world engineering a life I don’t want to escape from and as soon the press started becoming a struggle again, I realized something…

My time in the small press has sort of stopped. I believe I’ve gone as far as I’d like to go with this particular endeavor.

I will always continue to write and contribute whenever I can but as a publisher and prolific contributor…i After ten volumes of work, as well as well as editing, formatting and contributing on close to 100 projects…change is here…for the better.

2023 will the last year of Dumpster Fire Press.

DEADSTAR: CONTROL will be our final release either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.


There will be no coaxing.

It’s time to evolve and move on to a different era.

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