Who we are


Providing a voice for the voiceless. Poets, artists, writers…sound off! Grinding through the dumpster fire that can be life…possibly get published as a voice from the fire.

We try to provide a venue for those who are seldom heard or not heard at all.

POETRY, PULP & PUNK is the foundation and the tone we like to set and primarily what we stand for.

Check out what we’ve put out thus far…


Stay tuned for more info of what we will be publishing in the future and follow our blog VOICES FROM THE FIRE featuring poetry, writing and art of all sorts.

Times New Roman 12pt font

1.15-1.5 spacing

Up to 4 poems (can be single spaced)

flash fiction is welcome

nothing more than twenty pages of prose

art of any medium other than dead rodents stapled to a box sent to my house is welcome…and should be sent to Art Director Punky Dillinger…


Come jump into the fire, let us burn together.

*All the people who submit to me and tab out your poems in the center, YOU’RE DEAD TO ME FROM NOW ON…it’s not cute, it’s annoying and you’re definitely not being artistic…these submissions will be disregarded from now on, no matter how good you are.



Must be word doc 6×9 size

6×9 size and adhere to the same guidelines as above.

Mike Zone is the Editor in Chief of Dumpster Fire Press, the author of… Fuck You: A Fucking Poetry Chap, & The Earth was Shaking For Days , Shedding Dark Places (Almost) and One Hell of a Muse as well as coauthor of The Grind.  A frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl. His work has been featured in: Horror Sleaze Trash, Fevers of the Mind Piker Press, Punk Noir Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, Outlaw Poetry and Cult Culture magazine.

“Life is death, every day you live you get one step closer to death.”

Homeless guy at the construction site, on wild drunken night

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