This is Dillinger you may know him as…Dillinger, maybe even Punky Dillinger he’s been around and not just DFP…he’s worked as an entertainer primarily in radio, been a barkeep, general jack of all trades and podcast host(Storytime with Uncle Punky, anyone?) he is the Art Director and primary cover artist for Dumpster Fire Press and has contributed an immense amount art for DFP starting with covers for: Milenko Zupanovic’s chapbook IMMORTAL DREAMS, R. Keith’s short fiction collection PLAY DUMB and DEATH BY PUNK and DEATH BY PUNK: BLACK WHITE …which happens to feature a ton of interior art by him as well as does the site’s VOICES FROM THE FIRE entries which eventually gets collected into a tangible anthology every so often…


Also shamless plugs, need art or any hip photos? Dillinger can be reached at mr.punkydillinger@gmail.com

Check out his latest podcast!

Keep an eye out for more stunning artwork by Dillinger…

IMMORTAL DREAMS by Milenko Zupanovic

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present Milenko Županović’s first domestic chapbook publication IMMORTAL DREAMS…”MILENKO ŽUPANOVIĆ, thanks so much for gracing Dumpster Fire Press with your work and allowing myself and readers to enter a realm of esoteric mysticism among the roots of ever evolving cyclitic history which causes one to ponder the nature of redemption and the mechanics of existence as our world shifts from one crisis to the next “

PLAY DUMB by R. Keith

R. Keith’s collection of short fiction PLAY DUMB from Dumpster Fire Press, follows the lives the of the down trodden, the seedy and those just plainly confused about what to do confined in a restrictive box of living. A wonderful companion to HONEYDEW: THE CORRECTED TEXT, sprinkled with elements of Dickens, sitcom scenarios and hardboiled crime…sort of.

DEATH BY PUNK by various

Dumpster Fire Press unleashes its first anthology…DEATH BY PUNK a tribute to the spirit of punk rock, DIY and counter culture, intermingled with good old fashioned writing about death with a bit of existential dread thrown in (ah, poets)Featuring poets, writers and artists from around the globe! Whether you want to relive glory days, looking to explore or even seeking ways to unfetter yourself from past lives to the here and now DEATH BY PUNK is a hell of a read! OI , OI, OI!

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