DFP’s ongoing anthology series VOICES FROM THE FIRE…ideally the goal is one poet, one prose writer and visual artist a week. Eventually all posts featured on the site are published in a tangible anthology. Please include a bio pic with your submission or an accompanying image for your post. Guidelines can be found on the about page as well as the bottom of this page. VOICES is designed to give those seldom heard or never heard from at all a voice, though Dumpster Fire Press considers all voices, no bio is necessary as all voices are considered equal.


The world’s on fire…literally, pandemic, ecological disasters, dehumanization of the marginalized, the collective and individual thrown into dissarray. It’s the end of the world as we know, we could be fine or not. Utopia? Dystopia? Contemporary observation? Vintage recollections. IT’S THE BLACK BOX OF CIVILIZATION!

but that’s not all kids…seeing as how there’s a war in Ukraine, WORLD ON FIRE will now be titled WORLD ON FIRE: PROPAGANDIE (pronounced Prop-uh-ghan-dee)


instead of the typical anti-war anthology it’s time to get to the root of it all… POLITICAL PROPAGANDA and I’m not talking Medicare For All, we’re talking the industrial war-machine type of bullshit that breeds all sorts of falsehoods and other fun xenophobic antics! Give us all your propaganda themed art and writings along with above theme! PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO RED CROSS RELIEF IN UKRAINE


Just in the time for the fall…of humankind! World on fire amid the inflictions of bedroom anatomy lessons…do you like Jung? What do you know about totems? WE ARE CULT! IT’S A CULT THEME! How about just doing something wickled, violent and depraved or even hopeful and redeeming in a primal idenity most complimentary or a dreamscape nightmare vision. Pick any side of the ever varying spectrum in the modern animal kingdom both hidden and blatant.

HONKY-TONK ANGELS ( DECEMBER 1ST 2022…maybe, still mulling it over)

I was really high when I was thinking of an idea for a western anthology…but it might work…think pulp fiction. Country western stuff with some cityfuck twist, I don’t know…if this press actually knew what it was doing would the logo really be a flaming dumpster? Hell let’s make it a cheeky homage to pulp and consider the Lizard King and his almost famous catch phrase “When the Music’s over”…possibly directed by Sergio Leone and starring John Wayne.



Times New Roman 12pt font

1.15-1.5 spacing

Poetry can be single spaced

Up to 5 poems

flash fiction is welcome

nothing more than twenty pages of prose

word document preferred- please no fancy margins or spacing unless the spacing is necessary.

art of any medium other than dead rodents stapled to a box sent to my house is welcome… and should be sent to this guy…

Come jump into the fire, let us burn together.

*All the people who submit to me and tab out your poems in the center, YOU’RE DEAD TO ME FROM NOW ON…it’s not cute, it’s annoying and you’re definitely not being artistic…these submissions will be disregarded from now on, no matter how good you are. Also if accepted the author and artist is giving permission to have their work published in either anthology or Voices via the site and print collection. Authors and artists retain copyright of work after publication.

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