DFP’s ongoing anthology series VOICES FROM THE FIRE…ideally the goal is one poet, one prose writer and visual artist a week. Eventually all posts featured on the site are published in a tangible anthology. Please include a bio pic with your submission or an accompanying image for your post. Guidelines can be found on the about page as well as the bottom of this page. VOICES is designed to give those seldom heard or never heard from at all a voice, though Dumpster Fire Press considers all voices, no bio is necessary as all voices are considered equal.


The last days of heroes. How have your heroes’ disappointed you? Inspiring stories. Let’s talk about those strange individuals in masks and tights setting the world straight. Give us your myths, legends or seedy back-alley exposure of what it means to be superhuman in the land where if the gods walk among us humanity must come cheap.

Also being October, send some horror stuff in the grand EC comics tradition.

WAITING FOR LUCY (December 1st)

Whatever happened to that old peanut gallery gang? The bald one who shall go unnamed and the rest of those zany characters. How did the world chew them out and spit them back out? It’s like the wonder years and you can chronicle what you will of being young and fall apart near deathly middle age always striving for hope for the one who left you in a state of destruction constantly crawling through the wreckage…however, Charlie don’t surf.



Times New Roman 12pt font

1.15-1.5 spacing

Up to 4 poems

flash fiction is welcome

nothing more than twenty pages of prose

art of any medium other than dead rodents stapled to a box sent to my house is welcome…

Come jump into the fire, let us burn together.

*All the people who submit to me and tab out your poems in the center, YOU’RE DEAD TO ME FROM NOW ON…it’s not cute, it’s annoying and you’re definitely not being artistic…these submissions will be disregarded from now on, no matter how good you are.

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