VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Milenko Županović

Visions of Immortality In the dark valley, the tears of the faithful, on the bloody rock on the night of the resurrection, the Son of God, prayers on the eternal fire. The blue dome, the Sistine in the Bay of Saints in the moonlight in the fog of remembrance, the bells of Christians on theContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Milenko Županović”


Dumpster Fire Press is proud to release Johann Van Der Walt’s modern horror novella THE CROWS WILL NEVER TELL a striking tale of what lies within the forest, a gothic exploration of the horror of being divine, in the tradition of STAND BY ME and Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS. Several young boys explore what itContinue reading “WHERE THE CROW FLIES…”


Looking for Harajuku Girls During Hanukkah on SW Nyberg Street After a rough night on a soft bed, my oral Fixation – for serious – had me seeking some Bone-blonde flawless flame at New Seasons Market. Honestly, the only animal that is Territorial around ideas was getting kind of Fistic in my chest, inside thatContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Jake Sheff”