Zombie Nothing is as before.  Since that fateful day people have gone crazy. I’m not saying it became, but it has become, which means that those events continue to affect our present. I have received one last mission, to cross the portal and spread the temporary powder. But how?. Before continuing with this story IContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Samir Karimo”


The Story…. Ever since i became old enough to be ‘aware’ of my own mental health I knew I had problems.As I turned fifteen I began to realise I could control these problems with street drugs, the fact that they not only made me feel good but better than good ,a bonus.Heroin, the ultimate painContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Stephen Whitter”


The Purgatory Gate I Skies crackled overhead. Was it lightning or something of fouler origins? Unsure, he nudged the iron visor from his eyes. Never before had he witnessed such deviancy from the greys and blues of the skies above, save for the melting pinks that bled into winter mornings above the village. Now theContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: S.R. Malone”


Too Much Do you ever feel like you’re just too much? Do you ever feel that you have problems that won’t be solved in your lifetime? Do you ever feel that everyone’s holding you at a distance with a ten-foot pole? Do you ever feel that you have to be quiet so people won’t leaveContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Harry McNabb”

Hateful Eight

Alright, it’s not exactly a spite filled issue…please ignore my pathetic attempt at being clever with a simple ryhme and reference to a certain film by a certain director… VOICES FROM THE FIRE vol. 8 Culled from the official Dumpster Fire Press blog…VOICES FROM THE FIRE!Dumpster Fire Press continues featuring poets, writers and visual artistContinue reading “Hateful Eight”


One of my favorite books we put out here at Dumpster Fire Press is a series of time lapsed flash-fictions by Efe Tusder…UNFINISHED SKELETONS… It is one of the most creative books concieved, written and with Tusder’s permission madly designed by the DFP crew. Efe Tusder is as mad about the counter-culture narrative as weContinue reading “FROM THE EDITOR: SUPPORT”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou

Mother’s Milk My lips tremble as if I am about to cry. Please let your mother’s milk steel me against the animal I become when my brain confuses intellectual arousal with physical pleasure.  Why do I nurse wounds that flow from the expectations of others?  Sometimes it feels like I’m the suckling of a TinContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou”

Romancing the Bone

What? You wanted something more classy? This is Dumpster Fire Press and even though you should be reading about OCTOPI FROM THE SKY right now…UNFINISHED SKELETONS is what happened to get through first via the limbo of corporate bureaucracy… but alas here we are and what I can I say…there are skeletons and skeletons haveContinue reading “Romancing the Bone”


An escape from National Poetry Month and poetry just in general…. Dumpster Fire Press’ first release for May features the spectacular short fiction collection from VOICES FROM THE FIRE contributor and fellow MAD SWIRL contributor Harry McNabb. Featuring cover art by James Maj. “It’s a real pleasure to release Harry McNabb’s latest story collection.  IContinue reading “KELP ME!”