Your God Your God is a slave to human imagination and flights of ridiculous fancy. Your God is more dead than Nietzsche. Your religion is an insane social disease,  childish and created to help cowards  cope with vaguely cultivated conundrums concerning Truth.  Your God is an anvil tied to Humanity’s tyranny of evil traditions andContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Heath Brougher”

Off the Rails or Kill john compton…

“I’m going to kill john compton who doesn’t use capital letters.” Is a phrase I uttered over the summer as I agonized over the most jacked-up word file of all time, while working with a different publisher at the moment. Presenting the second edition of john compton’s intimate and unflinching poetry collection POEMS: TRAINRIDE ELSEWHERE…originallyContinue reading “Off the Rails or Kill john compton…”