The final volume? Nah…

It’s been a hell of the last two years here at Dumpste Fire Press… We’ve published over 65 books, including 12 volumes of VOICES FROM THE FIRE of which you have the final volume from the first phase of DFP UNBOUND… So what’s next for DFP? That’s a good question…while I’ve been the solo editorContinue reading “The final volume? Nah…”


RQF! DFP! Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present our first August release Ryan’s Quinn Flanagan’s latest poetry collection EYE FLUSHER A new RQF collection! Dumpster Fire Press! That’s all you need to know! Powerhouse poet Ryan Quinn Flanagan like a machete wielding cross between Bukowski and BB King does not bow down before theContinue reading “EYE SCREAMS”


That’s right, National Poetry Month is on the horizon and April is cruel, poet and publishers punishing each other and themselves alike… First on the agenda…Editor in Chief Mike Zone will be attending St. Augustine PoetFest (brainchild of Chris Bodor)…taking part in a discussion panel regarding Poets and Change (essentially poetry and politics), then there’sContinue reading “APRIL CRUELTY IS COMING”

St. Augustine POETFEST

St. Augustine, FL – This year for National Poetry Month (April) Ancient City Poets have partnered with the English Department of Flagler College and the St. Johns Cultural Council to present a day-long celebration of creative writing and reciting on Saturday April 9th, the day after the Henry Rollins spoken word tour stop at theContinue reading “St. Augustine POETFEST”


I agree, that headline isn’t as enticing as romancing the bone…but here we are with what is technically the second February release from Dumpster Fire Press…. I first started to hate S.A. Gerber when we first encountered one another’s work on Mad Swirl’s Virtual Open MIC during the pandemic. Although a hell of poet, heContinue reading “RANTING THE PLANETARY…”


Try as one might to say something to clever in a press release…it’s not going to happen with a work of this magnitude which speaks quite well for itself… From out of Nigeria, we are honored to present the poetry of John “The Apostle” Chinaka Onyeche in the hopes the reader will learn, further theContinue reading “ECHOES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC”


Yeah, you know the piece of trash who runs this press and website? As we still wait for Amazon to approve publication of CHILDHOOD’S END the year end anthology from DFP encompassing the TWILIGHT OF THE SUPERHUMANS and WAITING FOR LUCY concepts, I’d like to explain how and most definitely why things are going toContinue reading “FROM THE EDITOR”

Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)

Here we are…the fourth and final release for August which was supposed to be the first release had Leah Mueller’s LAND OF ETERNAL THIRST AND OTHER STORIES had not been delayed by the same powers that be which had a technical glitch hindering the release of… Dumpster Fire Press presents…a war of the worlds typeContinue reading “Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)”