VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Don’t Sit in my Hall Closet, Collecting Dust  Why all the ringers have to be dead ones, the telephone company has yet to explain, this facecloth full of ice over my knee as though a personal ice age is happening, that cooling off period you feel in your heart long before you hurt someone waitingContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan”

Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)

Here we are…the fourth and final release for August which was supposed to be the first release had Leah Mueller’s LAND OF ETERNAL THIRST AND OTHER STORIES had not been delayed by the same powers that be which had a technical glitch hindering the release of… Dumpster Fire Press presents…a war of the worlds typeContinue reading “Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)”