Coins Between Bed Sheets A jingling between sheets at 1am, 2am, 3am. Coins caught in coverlets, trapped to tink off each other as the clock wears time thin until pinks and oranges light eastern skies and the alarm clock sounds trumpets for a new day. Jousting in the Dark Turning words in my head likeContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Matthew McGuirk”


*every so often at DFP we spotlight a title we haven’t released. As Editor in-Chief I usually end the year spotlighting several books from different publishers featuring authors that may or may not have contributed to Dumpster Fire Press. Bhoj Kumar Dhamala’s THE SELFISH CITY was going to be one of those works, however sometimesContinue reading “THE SELFISH CITY: A REVIEW”


It’s a milestone at Dumpster Fire Press as we release VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 10! Hitting double digits now! Dumpster Fire Press continues its counter-culture narrative with it’s tenth volume of the VOICES FROM THE FIRE collection culled directly from the official DFP website and blog of the same name: voices of reason, madness,Continue reading “DOUBLE DIGITS”

Hateful Eight

Alright, it’s not exactly a spite filled issue…please ignore my pathetic attempt at being clever with a simple ryhme and reference to a certain film by a certain director… VOICES FROM THE FIRE vol. 8 Culled from the official Dumpster Fire Press blog…VOICES FROM THE FIRE!Dumpster Fire Press continues featuring poets, writers and visual artistContinue reading “Hateful Eight”


Try as one might to say something to clever in a press release…it’s not going to happen with a work of this magnitude which speaks quite well for itself… From out of Nigeria, we are honored to present the poetry of John “The Apostle” Chinaka Onyeche in the hopes the reader will learn, further theContinue reading “ECHOES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC”


Our first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE for 2022 has been released! Dumpster Fire Press enters 2022 with our latest eclectic volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE assembled from the official VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via dumpsterfirepress.com featuring: poets, writers, and artists from here, there, and everywhere in-between going to places familiar andContinue reading “THE FIRE KEEPS GOING”


WHEN THE WRONG GIRL GETS PISSED OFF BY A POEM I was talking to this young lady I know and she was really pissed off about a poem I wrote about getting laid in the back seat of an old ’73 Buick LeSabre I didn’t see why this one poem in particular was so upsettingContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: George Schaefer”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Rick Christiansen

Tinder Anachronism I imagine Herman Hesse and Anaïs Nin Both swiping right They would meet in a small Paris coffee bar Anaïs would flick the whip cream from her cup Using just the tip of her tongue as punctuation Herman would watch her carefully And finger the Nobel he wears as a cravat Clearing hisContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Rick Christiansen”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala

Conviction  High morale, boosted status, and superb  Style of living makes one feel your better – Off guise and you are in seventh heaven  Just a delusion, you are out of it unless  You realize who you are the surrounding  Goes on after you for what you cannot  Afford to offer the poor creature livingContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Christian Garduno

Saint Jerome’s Blues It’s travelling to my heartand the diagnosis, it doesn’t look goodIt’s melting into my veinsand the prognosis, it doesn’t look good I crawled my way to Saint Jeromehe gave me a carafe of red and sent me stumbling homeAnd the next time I see Saint JeromeI’m going to crack his heart ofContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Christian Garduno”