The final volume? Nah…

It’s been a hell of the last two years here at Dumpste Fire Press… We’ve published over 65 books, including 12 volumes of VOICES FROM THE FIRE of which you have the final volume from the first phase of DFP UNBOUND… So what’s next for DFP? That’s a good question…while I’ve been the solo editorContinue reading “The final volume? Nah…”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Kenneth Vincent Walker

From Rome to Ruins Impoverished beyond Belief; where relief has Long past been viable Option over abject grief. Ostensibly, refusing to Cease, as Man’s greed Always gets in the way Of genuine prosperity. For how can we binge Drink at college when Our world thirsts and Hungers knowledge? These words are far More prophetic thanContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Kenneth Vincent Walker”


Becoming old First it reminds me most friends are dead.Well, that is just the way of things, what can I expect ?Did I think they would wait for me, give me a chance to catch up?I tried.Because I wanted my to be together again, talk for hours over a cup.Well, that seemed more probable thanContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Stephen Whitter”


VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 11 is availabe right now! Collected the poems, stories and illustrations from offical VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via the Dumpster Fire Press website…covering September through November 5th (fittingly enough) We’ve doing this two years now and will be running Volume 12 daily until we reach hiatus stage where weContinue reading “VOICES AND VISIONS”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: George Gad Economou

Invisible Drunkard as you hunker down on your stool and order PBR and Kentucky Beau, look to your left, perhaps to your right, I’m on a stool drinking getting disoriented, you’ll see a shadow sitting there, nodding in approval of your crude order and your  frigid manners. a crazy old man, in something resembling aContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: George Gad Economou


Coins Between Bed Sheets A jingling between sheets at 1am, 2am, 3am. Coins caught in coverlets, trapped to tink off each other as the clock wears time thin until pinks and oranges light eastern skies and the alarm clock sounds trumpets for a new day. Jousting in the Dark Turning words in my head likeContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Matthew McGuirk”


*every so often at DFP we spotlight a title we haven’t released. As Editor in-Chief I usually end the year spotlighting several books from different publishers featuring authors that may or may not have contributed to Dumpster Fire Press. Bhoj Kumar Dhamala’s THE SELFISH CITY was going to be one of those works, however sometimesContinue reading “THE SELFISH CITY: A REVIEW”


Manson’s Child When I was in the tenth grade, splattered  with acne, I decided that I’d had enough of Catholicism and its steady stab of guilt. The next logical step was to devote myself to Lord Satan and master black magic. So I borrowed a book from the library on Aleister Crowley, hoping to learn Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Nathan Graziano”


THE WITNESS I am the Peepul tree For decades I have provided shelter to people in rain or shine I am the witness of dynamics of the society Seen people from being a child to getting crippled by age I am the witness from growth to death Witness to beautiful morphing to decay  I amContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anushna Biswas”


FOR AUNT GLORIA AND THE UNFAMOUS Her life not measured in canvas masterpiece Celebrity media intimates Politico assurances before a poll The flags were not raised Or lowered to regard her There was no need for urgency To respond to 911 for help On Locust Street She was the wobbling walk Of drunken red hairContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Giulio Magrini”