Quick ShopI enter a shop, I haven’t visited beforeSlightly hesitant, as not being a new store,they may have seen my face before.And yet,This is the first time I’ve come through the door.I wonder, do they give that thought?It’s a small town after all. Nothing in particular I’m shopping for.Well this is billed as a  friendly,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Stephen Whitter”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala

Conviction  High morale, boosted status, and superb  Style of living makes one feel your better – Off guise and you are in seventh heaven  Just a delusion, you are out of it unless  You realize who you are the surrounding  Goes on after you for what you cannot  Afford to offer the poor creature livingContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala”

April Cruelty equals May Mayhem

After 13 days of Hell, Dumpster Fire Press is proud to release the second volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE… 3 different versions to be exact featuring cover art by that loveable aesthetic rascal Dillinger… Another milestone in which DFP celebrated National Poetry Month not only releasing five titles but featuring a 4 different poetsContinue reading “April Cruelty equals May Mayhem”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic

The son God In the light of shadow prayer on the hill Golgotha the heart of the city Jerusalem is bleeding saints in tears. Mother Hide your  believers  with prayer in arms heart new life at dusk demons in the fire missing. Blood  Traces of blood holy Grail verses of solitude faith by poetry hidden.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic”


National Poetry Month draws to a close, it was brutal to say the least but most of it self-inflicted for some odd reason… Dumpster Fire Press made an event out of it, releasing five titles going hard with daily entries for VOICES FROM THE FIRE and while it drew me away from my own creativeContinue reading “APRIL WAS CRUEL…”



Hourglass An attractive embodiment of a Cream flavor lets stream down these streets of Arizona flowing infatuation with merely the eye contact as whisk by the palm trees… I suggest playful moments for the time we’ve allotted for each other sinking grains of crystal situation emerging as rare elements forged in this desert that containsContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Roz Washington”


Morning Pages Every time I type your name it’s different like forms of snow that don’t matter while shoveling I can hear your punctuation written out how to breathe where to stop and start over and over A million notes without music typed too fast transposing letters & saying things wrong edited later toward strangeContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Tony Brewer”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Luis Berriozabal

The Lows  The lows are too low. The blues are too blue. These feet can’t go on. They get in my way. The wind does not blow. I march to no drum. This cold is too cold. It freezes my brain. I hope against hope. Without you I lose. This bitter lemon life is notContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Luis Berriozabal”


All You Can Eat Eat Eat more Kielbasa smoked sausages More chicken ‘n                   Bisquits Drown the fries with melted cheese, spread on Extra mayo Carry it globed at the corners of                                               Mouth Forget the napkins Fish Almandine covered in                                 lemon juice Homemade, hand-pattied hamburgers Squeeze out the grease with spatula Cuts ofContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Shane Allison”